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Understanding Cat Behaviour: How to Make Your Cat Feel at Home in a Boarding Facility

If you have a cat, you may already be aware of your responsibilities as a dedicated cat parent. When it comes to travelling, one of the biggest challenges you will come across is the inability to leave your cat behind. As much as you enjoy bringing them on your trips, travelling long distances with a feline companion can be inconvenient for both you and your pet. For this reason, many cat owners choose to leave their fur buddies at reputable cat boardings in Singapore. 

When leaving your pet at a cat boarding facility, it is essential to plan ahead of time to ensure that both you and your feline companion have a stress-free experience. Getting your cat accustomed to travelling in a carrier, being in new environments and socialising or co-existing with other cats are all excellent ways to ensure that your fur buddy will have an easier time boarding.

The following are some tips to help you get your cat ready for their first boarding experience.

1. Select the Right Facility

Before starting any preparations, it is critical to select a reliable cat boarding house service in Singapore to accommodate your pet. Look into the various options accessible to you in your area, conduct proper research, and, if possible, visit the facilities in person. Ensure that the facility is clean, staffed by qualified professionals, and complies with all applicable safety standards.

2. Ensure Vaccinations are Up-to-Date

Visit your veterinarian well before your cat’s boarding date to make sure that they are fully vaccinated and healthy. In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, most cat boarding facilities require proof of current vaccinations. Conducting a thorough health check to confirm that your cat is healthy to stay will set your mind at ease.

3. Share Any Special Instructions

Inform the cat boarding in Singapore if your feline companion has any special dietary or medical requirements. With a clear and detailed list of instructions, the facility staff will be able to provide the best care for your cat.

4. Pack Familiar Comfort Items 

Cats, by nature, have the habit of seeking comfort in familiarity. Make sure you pack and bring along your cat’s favourite bedding, blankets, and toys that contain their scent. With the help of these items, your pet will be less stressed and more at ease in their new environment.

5. Get Your Cat Used to the Carrier

Most cats are apprehensive around their carriers as they associate them with visits to the veterinarian. In order to help with this, familiarise your cat with the carrier in the weeks leading up to the boarding date. Make the carrier a favourable space for your cat by placing it somewhere safe and accessible and filling it with treats and toys. This will help make the trip to the cat boarding in Singapore less nerve-wracking.

6. Preparing for Departure

Make sure your cat is safely placed in their carrier, along with their comfort items, on the day of departure. Remember to use a gentle tone and familiar scents when reassuring them. In order to help your cat feel less anxious, avoid rushing and be calm and composed since your cat can sense your stress.

7. Communicate with the Boarding Staff

As you drop your pet off at the cat boarding in Singapore, spend some time with the staff discussing your cat’s personality, habits, and any other special needs. It enables them to provide more personalised care for your cat, keeping them comfortable and happy throughout their stay.

Are You Looking for a Safe and Comfortable Cat Boarding in Singapore for Your Beloved Feline?

Happy Rolling is a cat hotel and boarding in Singapore that allows your pets to play and rest while you are away, reducing their anxiety and loneliness from missing you. Your cat will enjoy a home-like environment and spend time playing with their other fur buddies. If your feline companion is shy and needs extra privacy, we will also accommodate it. We are here to make sure that your cat receives the attention and care it needs. Along with boarding facilities, we also provide cat grooming services in Singapore. If you are interested in learning more about our offerings, get in touch with us today!

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