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Going on vacation? Why not treat your cat to one as well! Happy Rolling is a professional cat boarding facility established and operated by genuine cat lovers, we will do everything we can to ensure your cat feels at home. 


We offer choices between private cabinets and cage-less free roam boarding . 


We pay attention to the quality of the cat supplies at Happy Rolling, healthy meals, clean drinking water, dust-free cat litter, and general medical aid is guaranteed 24/7. 


We apply around-the-clock care for our guests, and schedule daily individual play time so they feel like home. You will receive pictures + video clips, and the peace of mind. 


$5 surge charge per night during
peak season / public holiday and eve

Delux Free Roaming

Delux Free Roaming (same-household cats only)

The minimum amount is $60 per night ($15 per extra cat).

  • 2 cats for $75, 3 cats for $90 etc.

  • Cat litter is provided

  • Happy Rolling Cat Boarding will be responsible should the cat(s) get(s) infected with diseases i.e. Ringworm, Fleas during its/their stay here only when the owner of the particular cat produces the necessary document(s)

The cat(s) must be yearly vaccinated, monthly dewormed, and defleas

Multi Cats Playground

Multi Cats Playground

(Min 2 Weeks Stay)

$15 per day, mixing with cats from other households.

  • Food and litter included

  • Happy Rolling Cat Boarding will not be responsible should the cat(s) get(s) into fights resulting in injuries, infected with diseases i.e. Ringworm, Fleas during its stay at Happy Rolling Cat Boarding.

The cat(s) must be yearly vaccinated, sterilized, FIV/FELV tested negative, monthly dewormed, and defleas

Cabinet Boarding

The minimum amount of $32 per night per cat

  • An additional $10 per cat per night in the same cabinet.

  • XL cabinets available for an additional $10

  • An additional amount of $5 per cat per night for food and litter to be provided

  • Free to view the CCTV of the cat(s) progress (optional)

  • Inclusive of daily playtime

  • Cat litter is provided

  • The minimum spending per boarding is $50

The cat(s) must be yearly vaccinated, monthly dewormed, and defleas. Scratch pole/board must be in the cabinet at all times

Cabinet Boarding


“I am living alone with my 2 cats. Happy Rolling is clean, safe, and definitely a fun place for cats to jump and play! ”

“The regular updates made me feel very connected with my cat. I chose private cabinet because he's too young. We will try the lovely common play ground next time!


Alex Lim

“Staffs are very helpful and friendly, they are experienced in cat care and helped me to understand my cat better. 

Danny Lee


Basic grooming $65, 



Nail trimming

Eye cleaning

Ear cleaning

Paw shaving


Additional services:

Medicated bath $10

Ear mite treatment $10

Ringworm treatment (sulphur bath, mycoban application) tba revolution application tba


Please highlight to us if the cat is aggressive. Too aggressive cats will be sent back with videos as proof and fully refund on grooming fees only.


Transportation will still be charged if there is any.