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Happy Rolling
Cat Boarding

Here at Happy Rolling Cat Boarding your cat's safety and comfortability is our number 1 priority, our facility is specially designed to make our guest feel like their at home, making sure your cat receives the love and attention it needs and deserves.

Opening Hours:

11am - 5pm Daily

Check In Time:

12pm - 4pm

Check Out Time:

12pm - 2pm

Checking out after 2pm
(Extra 1 Night Charge)


Professional cat Grooming

Here we offer a variety of services to help keep your cat's coat clean, healthy and looking its best. 

Free Roam 1

Cat Boarding

We also offer Safe, affordable and comfortable place for your cat to stay while you are away.

Happy Rolling Credit Package

Cats need to be constantly Groomed to maintain their beautiful and healthy Fur,

Signing up for our Credit package will not only help you save cost but get more than what you are paying for!

$1000 = 1100 Happy Credits

$2000 = 2300 Happy Credits

-Valid for 2 Years!

-Applicable for Boarding, Grooming, Accessory, Transportation and even Medical Protection!

-Non-refundable and non-transferable

Sleeping Kitten
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