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A safe, comfortable and affordable cat boarding in Singapore for your feline companion to reside while you are away.

Our facilities at Happy Rolling are specialised for cats. We provide a dog-free environment for your felines, ensuring their experience at our boarding is stress-free. If necessary, we can also arrange your cat’s transportation to our cat boarding house in Singapore. Make sure your cat is vaccinated annually and has received monthly deworming and flea treatments before boarding them, as required by AVS. 

When boarding your cat at our facilities, it is best to bring it to daycare so that your cat can become familiar with the surroundings, ensuring a pleasant experience. This will also help our cat boarding service staff to understand your cat’s preferences and personality. 

Why Board Your Feline at Our Cat Hotel and Boarding in Singapore

At Happy Rolling, we encourage you to bring items and supplies from home for the duration of your cat’s stay. As felines create strong bonds with their surroundings, familiar sights and smells can help them feel at ease at our cat boarding in SG. These supplies can include everything from bedding and blankets to treats and toys. You can also bring your own cat food to keep your pet on a regular diet and avoid any digestive issues.

If you are unable to bring these from home or choose not to bring them, do not worry; we have high-quality food and other supplies available at our cat boarding house in Singapore for your convenience. We will also accommodate your feline companion’s special dietary requirements. Moreover, no extra charges will be added to your cat boarding cost for feeding or administering medication that can be fed directly or mixed with your cat’s food. Additional fees will only apply for intensive medical care or emergency situations.

Your cat will interact with our facility personnel throughout the day, and you will have 24/7 access to CCTV footage, allowing you to check in on your pet at any moment during their stay at our cat home boarding in Singapore.

Deluxe free roaming

Deluxe Free Roaming

Our Deluxe Free-Roaming facilities are designed for the same household cats and are equipped with cat trees and shelves perfect for climbing and lounging. Before boarding, your cat should be vaccinated annually, with monthly deworming and flea treatments. Cat litter will be provided for your pet, and you will have 24-hour access to CCTV footage of your feline companions at our cat home boarding in Singapore. The facility charges are as follows.

  • $65 per night and $15 extra per cat

  • $75 for two cats and $90 for three cats


Contact us to learn more and check the available dates for booking!

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multi cat playground

Multi-Cat Playground

If your cat stays at Happy Rolling for a duration of two weeks or more, the Multi-Cat Playground facilities will be ideal for your requirements. The fee is $15 per day, and cat food and litter are provided to ensure your feline’s comfort. Kindly note that our cat boarding house services in Singapore are not liable for any cat fights or viruses that may spread among the cats.

Contact us to learn more and check the available dates for booking!

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Free Roam 11.jpeg
cabinet boarding

Cabinet Boarding

We offer three different types of Cabinet Boarding facilities, all of which include daily playtime for your cat. 

  • $35 for large cabinets (105 cm)

  • $45 for XL cabinets (180 cm)

  • $65 for a private room 


The cat boarding prices for this facility are as follows. 

  • $35 basic rate per night for a cat

  • Additional $15 for each cat in the same cabinet

  • Additional $5 per night for food and littering 

  • Minimum spending of $50


You will also be able to view CCTV footage 24/7 to monitor your cat’s well-being.

Contact us to learn more and check the available dates for booking!

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We charge an additional fee of $5 per night during peak seasons, public holidays and public holiday eve.

Happy Rolling is not only an affordable cat boarding facility but also a reputable provider of cat grooming services in Singapore. Whether you found us through a recommendation, an online directory, or a simple Google search of ’cat grooming and boarding in Singapore near me’, get in touch with us today for any of your requirements.

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