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Boarding at Happy Rolling will be a lovely staycation for your feline companion. Our facility is designed to help your cat relax and play while you are away, preventing anxiety and loneliness. They will enjoy a lifestyle similar to home and supervised playtime with the other little fur buddies at our cat hotel and boarding in Singapore. If your cat is shy and needs more privacy, it will also be accommodated. At Happy Rolling, we ensure that your cat receives the right attention and care it needs.

We care about your cat's safety and comfort. If you intend to bring your own supplies to maintain your cat's regular diet and avoid any digestion issues, you may consider bringing a little extra food for the boarding. In case you are unable to, do not fret; we have selected varieties of high-quality food in-house for your convenience. We will also accommodate any special dietary needs your cat may have and will not charge additional fees for feeding or administering medication that can be mixed with food or fed directly. Any extra costs for our cat boarding house services in Singapore may be incurred owing to emergencies or intensive medical care.

To prepare your cat for boarding, we encourage you to bring your feline to our daycare prior to a night or an extended stay so that they may get accustomed to our facility and have a better experience overall. This way, your cat will become comfortable with our staff and understand that you will return to bring them home. It will also give our team an opportunity to be familiar with its personality and preferences.

Keeping your furry family member safe and happy is our top priority, which is why, in addition to boarding facilities, we also provide cat grooming services in Singapore. We will ensure that your cat feels happy, secure, and fulfilled even when you cannot be with them. Get in touch with Happy Rolling today for more information!

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