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Choosing the Right Cat Hotel: What to Look for in a Cat Boarding Facility

Everyone enjoys going on vacations. But as a pet parent, you will feel more at ease if you know that your fur baby is safe and sound while you are away. Anyone who loves cats understands how difficult it is to let someone else care for your pet, especially when you are travelling. However, there are various cat hotels and boarding services available to ensure your cat’s safety and comfort during your absence. In order to alleviate your fears and make the most of your vacation, you should do your own research and find a suitable cat hotel in Singapore. It will help you discover facilities that will suit both you and your feline companion.

Cat hotels should provide a lot more than just a space and a meal once a day. When considering them, it is important to evaluate their aspects based on your cat’s needs rather than your own. If you come across a plethora of options during your search, selecting the right facility for your cat can be time-consuming.

As every pet parent wants the best for their fur baby, here are some factors you should look out for when making your decision.

1. Begin with Proper Research

Before making any decisions, do extensive research using online resources and reviews or seek recommendations from your veterinarian and other cat owners. Create a shortlist of prospective cat hotels in your area. Keep in mind that each cat hotel and boarding in Singapore will have a distinct setup.

2. Pay Attention to Health and Safety Protocols 

When selecting a cat hotel, one of the first factors you should consider is the safety and health protocols at the facility. It should be mandatory for all their cats to be up-to-date on vaccinations, and they should follow proper safety protocols and have emergency medical care plans in place. Make sure the cat hotel you select can accommodate any medication or specific dietary needs your cat may have throughout their stay.

3. Inquire about Daily Activities

Find out the daily activities and socialisation opportunities available to your fur baby at a cat hotel in Singapore. Cats benefit from both mental and physical stimulation and, therefore, enjoy sessions such as playtime in their daily routine. However, if your cat is naturally shy or is senior, it will need slow and gentle exposure to feel at ease in a new environment.

4. Visit the Facilities

Schedule trial visits with each facility once you have compiled your list of potential cat boarding house services in Singapore. This is an essential step to determine the suitability of a cat hotel. During your visit, make sure to observe the following aspects.

  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: The facility should follow proper cleaning and hygiene standards, remain odour-free, and clean litter boxes on a regular basis.

  • Employee Interactions: Observe how the staff interacts with cats and whether they are gentle, caring and mindful of the felines’ requirements.  

  • Staff Qualifications: As the staff knowledge and experience are essential for the well-being of your cat, make sure to inquire about the caregivers’ qualifications, particularly their familiarity with feline care and behaviour.

  • Security Precautions: Look for escape-proof facilities with safe enclosures and ensure that the cat hotel has the necessary processes in place to avoid accidental escapes.

  • Accommodations and Amenities: Inspect the living areas for cats to ensure they are clean, spacious and well-maintained. Also, look into the amenities available, including play areas, scratching posts and comfort spots to relax.

  • Other Services: Ask about additional services that may benefit your cat, such as special treats, extra playtime, fun activities and cat grooming services in Singapore.

5. Understand the Contract Properly

Before committing your pet to a cat hotel in Singapore, make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions in the contract. Be mindful of service costs, cancellation policies and any other special criteria.

Furthermore, pay attention to how the facility communicates with pet owners while they are away. During your time apart, clear communication can help you feel more at ease.

Keep Your Fur Buddy Safe and Comfortable in One of the Best Cat Hotels in Singapore 

If you are looking for a reputed cat hotel in Singapore where your fur baby can stay while you are away, Happy Rolling is the place for you. At our facility, we ensure the safety and comfort of your feline companion by offering cat boarding and pet care services. We have a qualified professional team to care for your fur baby and fulfil its nutritional and medical needs. We also encourage trial visits and stays to help your pet feel at ease on our premises. You can simply search for ‘cat grooming and boarding in Singapore near me’ to find our services. For any inquiries, call us at +65 9190 4866 now!

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