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How to Prepare Your Cat for a Long-Term Stay at a Boarding Facility

Updated: Jul 2

cat boarding

When you are a pet parent, travelling always requires advance planning and extra preparation. Many cat owners opt to leave their fur buddies behind as changing environments can be stressful and harmful to their health. While cats are more self-sufficient than dogs, they still require extra care, especially if you are going away for an extended period of time. Therefore, necessary arrangements should be made to fulfil your feline companion’s needs while you are away, and cat boarding is an excellent approach for handling this.

Cats are creatures of routine, and if there is one thing that can make your cat unhappy, it is having their schedule disrupted. Your cat benefits from being in a controlled environment where they can receive regular feedings and attention. It is also essential to have someone who can monitor them for signs of medical emergencies. Without these supports, your cat may experience anxiety and discomfort, which can eventually lead to other complications. Therefore, cat hotels and boardings in Singapore are an ideal care option for your pet while you are away.

Throughout this article, we will explain to you the benefits of keeping your pet at a cat boarding and how you can prepare them for a long-term stay.

Benefits of Cat Boardings

1. Safe Environment

When it comes to their surroundings and the scents they are exposed to, cats can be very picky. Cat boarding facilities are designed with this in mind. They often have a particular setup with the necessary resources to keep your pet comfortable. They also have trained professionals ready to assist your cat in adjusting to their new environment.

2. Proper Care

Cats are naturally elusive, yet they enjoy being petted and given attention, especially when they are feeling fussy. Having trained employees ensures that your cat’s needs are met on time. Moreover, if any issue arises, someone will always be available to help.

3. Customised Services

Cat hotels provide a range of boarding facilities and pet caring services, including cat grooming services in Singapore. Since each cat is unique, many facilities offer personalised care to meet your pet’s specific needs. With flexible scheduling options and competitive rates, they ensure the safety, health and happiness of your fur buddy.

How Can You Prepare Your Cat for an Extended Stay at a Cat Boarding Facility? 

1. Do Your Research

Leaving your fur baby in a cat boarding is not an easy decision. However, with a little research, you can find a variety of suitable facilities to keep your cat safe while you are away. You can ask fellow pet parents or your veterinarian for recommendations. You may also search online for ‘cat grooming and boarding in Singapore near me’ and choose one based on online reviews. If you visit the facility, request a guided tour and inquire about vaccination policies or any other concerns you may have.

2. Prepare Your Cat

Many cats are accustomed to travelling in carriers and cars due to vet appointments and tend to be wary of the experience. You can take your fur buddy on short trips in the carrier while making it a fun experience to prepare them for their cat boarding visit. Providing treats, toys and cuddles throughout the drive will help your cat relax and form positive associations with travel.

3. Bring Comfort Items

Cats have distinct items and routines that they enjoy. Therefore, when bringing them to a cat boarding facility, pack a bag with items your pet likes to make their stay more comfortable. These can include your cat’s bedding, favourite toys, tasty treats, and anything else that makes them feel safe.

4. Request a Trial Stay

If possible, especially when it is your cat’s first time staying at a cat boarding, request a trial visit. It will allow you to observe how they are adjusting to their new surroundings, other cats, and boarding staff. This will assist in acclimating your pet to the facilities and allow you to identify any issues that need to be addressed.

5. Communicate with the Facility Staff

Informing the staff about your cat’s needs and comforts is essential for a good boarding experience. You can offer information about your cat’s dietary habits and medical needs, as well as different techniques to calm down your pet. It will allow the employees to provide the best care services and keep your cat safe and happy.

Ensure the Safety and Comfort of Your Feline Companion with Happy Rolling  

Are you searching for a reliable cat boarding house service in Singapore where your cat can stay for an extended period of time? Then look no further than Happy Rolling. We are a facility that provides cat boarding and pet care services to ensure your fur buddy’s safety and comfort. Our team is ready to accommodate the unique dietary needs of your cat and encourage trial stays to help your pet adapt to the new environment. At Happy Rolling, we focus on making our guests feel at home while offering the love and care your cat requires. If you want to know more about our services or pricing, contact us at +65 9190 4866 now!

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