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The Pros and Cons of Cat Sitting VS a Cat Hotel

Updated: Jul 2

cat hotel
cat hotel

Whether you are planning a two-week vacation or a three-day business trip, if you are a cat owner, you will need to find a suitable place for your four-legged companion to stay while you are away. Even though it can be difficult to choose the best type of care for your cat, understanding the benefits and drawbacks of both cat hotels and cat sitting can help you make the decision easier. The goal is to make sure that your fur buddy receives the best care and comfort possible during your absence.  

Every pet is unique, even those who share the same home. Hence, they cope differently with the stress of their pet parent leaving for a few days. Some cats may be comfortable with cat sitting, while others may prefer to stay at a cat hotel. As a responsible pet owner, you need to consider your cat’s age, health, temperament, and any other needs before selecting the best care option for them while you are away. Keep in mind that in-home cat boarding is illegal in Singapore and is not a feasible choice for your cat.

So, let us outline the benefits and drawbacks of cat sitting and cat boarding house services in Singapore to help you check this task off your to-do list.

What is Cat Sitting?

You can hire a cat sitter to keep an eye on your pet while you are away. Cat sitting is a paid service in which a sitter cares for your cat at home throughout the day. As it is a flexible service, you can ask your cat sitter to visit your fur buddy once or twice a day or even stay overnight at your home. A regular cat-sitting service includes various tasks, such as feeding, cleaning the litter box, cuddling, and playing with your cat. This service provides your cat with the personalised attention and care they require without disrupting their routine.


The most obvious benefit of hiring a pet sitter is that your cat will have a more pleasant experience. This protects them from extreme sensory stimulation, which can lead to stress-induced behaviours. Cat sitting also eliminates the possibility of disease transmission and provides your cat with one-on-one attention to meet their needs.


Not everyone feels comfortable inviting a stranger into their home to care for their cat. If your cat does not bond well with the sitter, it can become lonely over time, which can lead to destructive behaviour. It can also be a little difficult to find pet sitters during popular travel seasons.

What are Cat Hotels?

A cat hotel is a facility where you can temporarily board your cat. They are often designed and developed with the comfort and safety of cats in mind and have multiple cages or rooms to accommodate pets like yours. In cat hotels, you can expect your cat to have their own space, including a bed, play area, and a cat tree or window perch. If your fur buddy is social, they may also get to spend time with other cats. The facility staff will typically try to maintain the routine you have established at home and pay attention to your cat’s requirements. However, keep in mind that while most cat hotels and boardings in Singapore are welcoming, not every one of them will be luxurious and of the same calibre.


During their stay at a cat hotel, your pet will follow a regular routine that includes meals and exercise. Many facilities have on-site veterinary specialists who can provide medications and other health care. Some cat hotels have open play spaces for your fur buddies, while others offer single-room accommodations if your pet needs some peace and quiet while adjusting. These facilities also have trained staff who are capable of dealing with each cat’s unique needs and personality.


The most obvious drawback of boarding your cat is that they would be away from home. Some cats tend to be nervous and anxious in new environments, which can lead to conflicts with other cats during playtime. There is also a risk of contracting contagious diseases such as Feline Upper Respiratory Infection (cold).

Ultimately, the ideal care option for your cat will depend on your personal preference, budget limits, convenience, and accessibility. With a little research into the options available in your area, you will be able to discover the best way to care for your cat while you are away.

Happy Rolling – Safe and Comfortable Boarding Facilities for Your Feline Companion

If you are seeking an affordable cat hotel for your fur baby, Happy Rolling is the place for you. We own a well-maintained cat boarding facility and offer cat grooming services in Singapore to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Our facilities are designed to minimise your cat’s anxiety and loneliness while allowing them to play and relax. We provide a home-like environment and supervised playtime to ensure your cat’s well-being. Should the need arise, we can also accommodate your cat’s requirement for more privacy. You can simply search for ‘cat grooming and boarding in Singapore near me’ to find our services. For any inquiries, you can also reach us at +65 9190 4866 today!

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